Jan 2013 Does Ramadan Exposure In Utero Affect Long-term Labor Market Behavior? Evidence From Indonesia


Feb 2013 Baby's Death Renews Debate Over a Circumcision Ritual, about orthodox jews in New York. After a nice dinner I brought this up with my friend Seldon who thought it was an urban legend and that is why I put the link here. We agreed that it is likely not a problem with the normal jews in New York.

Computer chess

My old ideas on how to compute endgame tablebases. Since then I have gotten better ideas, largely in discussion with H.G.Muller in the Endgame Tablebase forum.


Test application, me learning to program Android.


May 2013 Here is a registry edit to save and run which might turn off spyware installation when updating Java on Windows. Is discussed at superuser. I think it will only work as long as the owner of Java is allowing it, but if they change things they risk being flagged for malware, annoying sysops et.c. So as long as the checkbox fools enough users to install anyway I expect the spyware disabling feature to be kept.